Galaxy Note 4 international giveaways

by flex on September 5, 2014 17 Comments

We'll post them as they appear on the web.

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Galaxy Note 4 Edge with Youm Display

by flex on September 4, 2014 23 Comments

Courtesy of The Verge, here's the new sh*t, the flexible oled display of Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Is it a "YOUM" display?

note edge youm

Looks interesting but uncomfortable, and it cuts an inch rather than adding space.

Not much more than an interesting concept. Samsung just wanted to prove that it's not lagging behing, or at least that it can keep promises. Meh.


Will Galaxy Note Edge show up @ IFA? Ready, Set, Go

by flex on August 30, 2014 18 Comments

The new Galaxy Note 4 is expected to make its debut on September the 3rd, at IFA Berlin, the famous show for digital shopaholics.

This second Samsung Unpacked event will take place just a little before the new iPhone presentation.

Question is: will we really see a YOUM display on the standard Galaxy Note 4 model? It seems very unlikely, since the three sided, wraparound display is probably going to appear on another phablet, with the possible name of "Galaxy Note Edge".

Let's wait a few days more, if you really give a sh*t about this story. In the meanwhile there's a new crappy video for the fandom to watch: "Ready (produce), Set (consume), Go (die)"

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs and YOUM three sided display

by flex on April 23, 2014 14 Comments

Here are again with new rumors about the next in the Note family: Galaxy Note 4. Since we know you people are always eager to read and fantasize about upcoming gadgets, then according to a chinese source ( these are going to be GN4's specs:

  • Water and dust-proof
  • A display resolution of 2560x1440 pixels (Did anyone say Ultra HD 4K? Bitch please.)
  • Exynos processor with 6-cores or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 20.7-megapixel rear camera with 4K video-recording capability (of what use I can't guess)
  • Battery capacity between 3600 and 3800 mAh
  • 128GB of internal memory
  • 4G network and Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Handwriting recognition to unlock the phone (woot?)

So let's hook this stuff to an external display and start working with our CAD software.

A few days before, Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung, said that the Galaxy Note 4 will have a new form factor with a three-sided Youm display.

A fall for the Youm

by flex on March 27, 2014 15 Comments

While the Galaxy S5 is at a few days from landing in the stores, we read confirmations about the Galaxy Note 4 out in the next fall. Is this shit going to sport the Youm display? Yes but not in a foldable format. Most probably it'll be a display curved on its sides.

Flexible displays for e-readers

by flex on March 27, 2014 17 Comments

Is it a real news? Nope. E-readers like the discontinued Wexler's Flex made use of e-ink flexible displays since long.

But seems like the smart-asses at Amazon will now put Mobius flexible display (partership between E-ink and Sony) on its next Kindle Paperwhite. Since we hate Amazon's walled-garden, we will not say anything more on this topic. Instead we hope to see  the Mobius in a large display device, with a decent price.

A flexible phone bracelet by Kyocera

by flex on March 2, 2014 17 Comments

And it is not the only cool gadget from Kyocera @ MWC. See more

LG G Flex performs, while Samsung sleeps

by flex on February 24, 2014 13 Comments

After acouple of months, reviews of the LG G Flex are proving it to be a very interesting piece of tech. So while Samsung is still lagging behind LG with bendable displays, we can take a closer look at this smartphone. 


Galaxy Note 4: YOUM display and loads of new sh*t

by flex on February 20, 2014 7 Comments

Galaxy Note 4 is going to be the first Samsung with the long awaited YOUM display (More about this: KoreaHerald), but it may also have a waterproof (source) body like Sony Xperia Z, and  feature advanced writing  recognition (source)

Samsung is obviously afraid that the Note series could suffer a lack of interest like happened with the Note 3, a phone that does not represent a deep advancement over the previous model.

Galaxy S5, Galaxy F, Note 4: rumours

by flex on January 4, 2014 13 Comments

Whatever this is, it seems to sport a flexible display.

YOUM twilight smartwatch

by flex on December 9, 2013 13 Comments

These YOUM smartwatches, a design by Ian Nott, do really have a cool look. Not sure if we'll ever need a watch that can't be read under daylight, but hey, it looks cool nonetheless, as long as it comes free like Nott's imagination. 

Corning Glass weds Youm display till 2023

by flex on October 25, 2013 17 Comments

Samsung has just invested in a long term relationship with Corning Inc (famous maker of the Gorilla), for the wedding of the ultra-thin, flexible Willow Glass, with YOUM displays.

First video of an LG G Flex

by flex on October 25, 2013 4 Comments

So here it is, click here to enjoy the first time in video for the LG G Flex smartphone, Galaxy Round's announced exterminator. If you're not familiar with spanish, check this also:

Also, a (quite poor) gallery of leaked photos, from TheVerge.

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